About Me

My name is Jonathan Quirk: I’m a “document processor” by day, and a massive sci-fi / comic book geek.

I live in the not-so-sunny climes of Darlington, North-East England, with my beloved tortoiseshell cat Jewels, and I dream of hitting the big time as a professional author (or the lottery; that’s good, too).

I’m now in my thirties, and it’s clear that I’m never going to amount to anything in “proper” employment. I earn minimum wage, work as a small cog in a massive, uncaring machine, and if I managed to get a rare promotion, I would get maybe 10% more pay and 200% more stress and abuse from senior management.

So if I want to be an author, that means… well, writing. So to that end, I will be setting myself the challenge of writing this blog, talking about whatever interests me (and hopefully one or two readers, along the way), and maybe one day I’ll get to announce my new career as a best-selling author! (Just so long as it doesn’t feature tween vampires…)


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